03.24.2021 - Press Releases

ALPHARETTA, GA – BOCCHI has added built-in workstation concepts by expanding two of its popular current product offerings, the Step-Rim collection and the Sotto, and increasing the accessories offered with both, the company recently announced. The newly-introduced workstations add additional space and versatility to the sinks, giving the user the ability to wash, chop and drain all in one area, while decreasing the effort required to sanitize food.


“Product versatility and the utilization of space in the home is a trend we saw in 2020 that is expected to continue beyond 2021,” said Dawn Robinson, Director of Marketing and Communications at BOCCHI. “Expanding the number of workstation offerings and adding to the number and type of accessories available made sense, especially as people are continuing to spend extended amounts of time at home and specifically in the kitchen.”


The workstations aim to give the user a variety of options while preparing food or cleaning up after a meal, while maximizing space. Available in multiple sizes, installations, and both single or double basins, they offer a solution for every home. Food can be washed, chopped and prepped in one area and still leave room for cleaning and soaking.